Here, some of the tips and tricks for the server will be posted.


Resource packs.

A Resource pack can change the whole experience of playing, or just make the graphics a bit better.


How to install

  1. Open up a folder
  2. In the adress line, write '%appdata%'
  3. Then click '.minecraft'
  4. Then click 'resourcepacks'
  5. Drag the zip file of the resource pack you want in to this folder


Faithful 32

A Resource pack that is faithful to the original blocks, but changes
all of them from 16px to 32px.
This makes the graphics change quite a bit.
We recommend 'Faithful 32' - Download it at the bottom of the page.



Xisuma's vanilla tweaks

The Hermit 'Xisuma' have made some Resource pack tweaks,
these are very small packs that only changes 1 thing each.
Downloads can be found at the bottom of the page.


Lower fire

This tweak changes the height of fire animation when you burn.



Glass texture

Alot of people dont like the stribes in vanilla glass texture for clear glass,
Here are 2 alternatives.
Clean glass and Super clean glass.



Grass sides

This Resource pack changes the texture of the sides of grass blocks.



Old lava texture

Mojang changed the texture for lava some time ago,
some still like the old texture better.



Lighter Netherrack

The nether can be a dark and dangerous place to explore, this tweak
adds a slight brightness to the netherrack block.



Pumpkin vision

Putting a pumpkin over your head is always good fun, and sometimes
helpful as well, but the vision inside a pumpkin is bad.
This tweak makes it easier to run around using a pumpkin.



Lower shields

Using a shield in defense is both good and bad, it works like a charm, but you cant see much when you use it.
This tweak have lowered the shields so your vision is better.



Stone tweak

This tweak makes a small and subtle change to the stone textures.



Lighter wither hearts

When fighting a wither, you often get the withered affect,
this pack makes the withered hearts easier to see.



Mob proof doors

As this server is at Hard mode, mobs can break down doors.
This can be prevented by turning the door sideways when placing it,
fooling the game to think the door is open, when its actually closed.
Mobs will not break down an "open" door.




OptiFine is a Minecraft optimization mod.
It allows Minecraft to run faster and look better with full support for
HD textures and many configuration options.
Download can be found at the bottom of the page.



Download Faithful 32 (for MC 1.12.2)

Download Fire vanilla tweak

Download Clean glass tweak

Download Super clean glass tweak

Download Grass tweak

Download Lava tweak

Download Netherrack tweak

Download Pumkin tweak

Download Lower shield tweak

Download Stone tweak

Download Wither heart tweak

Download all Xisuma's vanilla tweaks

Download OptiFine (for MC 1.12)