Season 6

Server start

Season 6 of Eldercraft will start on Monday July 23rd at 1600 UTC+1 / 10:00AM EST.



New Concept

For Season 6, we decided to combine start area with shopping district, since start area is not really used. We hope people will put alot of effort in to their shops and the surrounding area so we can get a beautiful start/shopping area.

Other that the features you can read about in 'About the server'.
We also decided to add an AFK detector, to visually show you as AFK after 10 minutes to other online players.


This season we will start out with a smaller world border, this will ensure that we build in a closer range of each other.
the new world border will be 10.000 x 10.000 centered on spawn.

A full map of the area will be available at a later point.


Eldercraft will always play on the latest full release of Minecraft.
We are currently playing Minecraft 1.13.