About the server

Eldercraft is a Vanilla server running the latest full release of Minecraft (currently 1.13)

eldercraft5 rules

You can download a copy of the Eldercraft rulebook by clicking the picture.

Despite being a Vanilla SMP, we do have a few bonus stuff in the form of commandblocks.
All commandblocks were designed by 'McPeachpies'. and the 'More mob heads' change is made by 'Xisumavoid'. Here is a list of the commands we use.


AFK monitor

Its always annoying to log on to a populated server and not knowing if anyone is AFK.
This Command will allow you to see who is AFK by looking in the TAB window, it will also be announced in chat.



1 player sleep

This does pretty much what it says, it lets 1 player sleep instead of all players.
You have the feature to kick a player out of the bed if you are in need of the night.


No grief Endermen

Endermen spawn with a piston head in their hand, the piston head is invisible.
This means that the endermen will no longer grief the world of blocks.



Enderdragon Elytra drop

This command also does pretty much as it says, when the Enderdragon is killed an Elytra is dropped.
This way the world will never run out of Elytras as they are dropped by a mob.



Even more mob heads

This change makes it so that all mobs in the game, (both hostile and passive) have a chance to
drop their head upon being killed by a player.

Click here to see all the mob heads and the drop rates.


Shulker shell drops

Shulkers have 100% chance to drop 2 shulker shells.